Addiction to non-prescribed or illegal drugs follows a similar pattern to alcohol misuse.

At White Oaks we support those who want to be liberated from chronic dependence on drugs.

The variety of drugs is constantly changing and often a person does not really know what it is they are using. The more common drugs we encounter with clients are: Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin and various other compounds. We also work with those who get into difficulty through use of: Tramadol, Codeine, Xanax, Pregabalin and other medications.

Signs of Drug Addiction

  • Using drugs on a regular basis – this varies from daily, weekly to occasional use and is often regarded as ‘recreational’.
  • Changes in mood and behaviour – changes that family or others may see more readily such as being untruthful, neglecting responsibilities, avoiding family occasions, running up debts and losing interest in activities/hobbies.
  • Needing to use just to function – having to take a drug/joint/tablet in order to manage your way through the day or to sleep and gradually needing more to achieve the same effect.

Prescription Drugs

We help those who identify themselves as having an addiction to Prescription Drugs (not rescribed by a GP) such as: Codeine. Often a person with substance misuse issues will substitute one form of chemical dependency for another. Access to over the counter medications can be maintained by travelling around various pharmacies to disguise problem use.