Alcohol addiction/misuse is when you drink in a way that is harmful to you or others and when you’ve become dependent on alcohol.

Treatment seeks to address the origins of the addiction, the reality of its effects and map a way out of the addictive behaviours.

White Oaks takes an abstinence based approach and utilises the Minnesota Model with reference to the Twelve Steps. Other types of therapy used include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Trauma Informed Care and Solution Focused Therapy.

Signs of Alcoholism

  • Continuing to use alcohol even when it is causing problems – even when relationships are suffering or health and work become affected.
  • Taking risks by using alcohol – driving while under the influence/over the limit, placing self in vulnerable situations and neglecting care of self or children.
  • Promising to cut down – but still going back to previous habits of drinking and perhaps hiding alcohol from others.
  • Struggling to manage – blaming others, becoming isolated, discontented.