Some common questions we get asked:

What does it cost to receive addiction treatment for 4 weeks at White Oaks?
Currently, our fees are €6500 euro and a payment plan is available through mutual agreement.

Does it take long to get admission?
Assessments can be arranged within 5 days and admissions will usually follow within 4 weeks (sometimes this varies if the waiting list grows).

Do you have a room of your own?
Yes, each client has their own en-suite room.

Do you have a lot of written work to do?
Our emphasis is not on written work – it is not a course or school. The most important part of the programme is participation in group therapy.

What is Group Therapy?
It is a safe and accepting space provided by the counsellor to allow clients to open up and explore what addiction has been doing in their lives.

Do I have access to my phone or laptop?
No. Treatment means being focused on what has brought a person to this situation in life. To help this process the distraction of social media and other intrusions are kept at bay.

Can I contact my family?
There is a family visiting each Sunday afternoon and a person will be able to make phone calls out by arrangement with their counsellor.

What qualifications do the counsellors have?
All counsellors at White Oaks hold recognised qualifications in counselling and are also accredited by an independent body, e.g. Irish Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists or Addiction Counsellors of Ireland.