Our Criteria

To be admitted for primary treatment for addiction a person is required to:

  • be medically fit to participate in the treatment and rehabilitation programme (a doctor’s letter to confirm this)
  • take only prescribed medicines which cannot include Benzodiazepines
  • be fully detoxed/withdrawn from all addictive substances and free of withdrawal syndrome
  • be 18 years or over
  • have family or concerned person willing to participate in the programme
  • be willing to be safely withdrawn from alcohol and other mood altering substances prior to admission
  • seek admission voluntarily and indicate a commitment to achieving a successful outcome to their programme of rehabilitation

How To Pay

Medical Card Holders

We accept among our clients those who seek treatment under the Medical Card scheme. Those clients must be referred to White Oaks by the HSE Addiction Service in their local area and the contact information for those offices is  available on the HSE web-site.

Privately Funded Clients

White Oaks accepts for admission those who seek treatment on a private basis with personally sourced funding.

Private Health Insurance Clients

White Oaks is recognised as an addiction treatment provider by several health insurers – Laya, VHI, Irish Life, Garda Medical, ESB Employees