Your Questions

your Questions

1. What do I need to do to receive treatment at White Oaks?

  • If you hold a Medical Card you would usually contact a HSE Addiction Counsellor who will discuss options with you. This counsellor may then suggest referral for residential treatment at White Oaks. 
  • Anyone can, in a private capacity, approach White Oaks directly and request an assessment interview. This can usually be arranged within a few days and then a decision is reached either to come in for treatment or to be referred for help to another service.

2. What happens when a person is admitted to White Oaks?

  • A person is asked to come for admission accompanied by a family member or close friend.
  • Once some paperwork is completed, a person is then shown to their room, introduced to other residents and begins the early stages of treatment.

3. What addictions do you treat?

  • Our primary focus is treating individuals with alcohol, drug (illegal and prescription) and/or gambling addictions. It is sometimes the case that a person will have a Dual Diagnosis which is alcohol/drug addiction and a psychiatric illness such as bi-polar, depression or anxiety.

4. Can family visit?

  • Yes. Visiting time for families is 2pm - 4pm on Sundays. We welcome the involvement of family members in the programme on Wednesdays.

5. What about privacy/confidentiality?

  • We attach great importance to creating a safe and confidential environment at White Oaks where people can address important life issues. We request the active cooperation of everyone in this regard.

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