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White Oaks Aftercare

Aftercare is the general term used to describe the interventions which follow on subsequent to initial treatment. One of the major challenges facing a person after the intensity of 30 days in a rehabilitation centre is Relapse. Staying off alcohol or drugs or gambling in the ‘real world’ of your family life or local community is very difficult but not impossible. Many people struggle to make the adjustment to a new way of life and fall back on old habits of coping with life.
If a person does not actively take care of their sobriety, in the normal ups and downs of life, he/she can easily relapse into using drugs or alcohol.

Aftercare provides a supportive environment, each week, and a group of people where help is available on the road of recovery. Over the course of 2 years you are given the opportunity to develop the skills and real confidence to deal with life.

The Aftercare Co-ordinator is available as a contact if you require particular attention for specific needs.
At White Oaks we also operate a Relapse Group to help those who have relapsed get back into mainstream recovery - it is usually a 6 week programme run separately.

Family Support Service is available from White Oaks for those affected by a loved one's drinking or drug taking. It is a confidential service where a person can meet, by arrangement, with a designated counsellor to work through how he/she has been impacted by living with someone in addiction - issues of anger, loss, regret, abusive behaviour etc.. Simply contact the Centre or speak to one of the counselling team.

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