White Oaks Admissions

Persons eligible for residential treatment will be:

  • aged 18 years and over
  • have family or concerned person willing to participate in the programme
  • willing to be safely withdrawn from alcohol and other psycho-active substances prior to admission

White Oaks welcomes clients from all backgrounds. On initial enquiry a person will be told about the need for assessment prior to any decision about admission. The assessment is a relaxed/informal dialogue at White Oaks. This is a two-way process to provide information.

Many of those who seek treatment at White Oaks are referred by the HSE Addiction Services. Our treatment programme is also recognised by health insurers VHI, Laya, Aviva, as well as private health insured schemes such as St Paul's Garda Medical Aid SocietyPrison Officers Medical Aid Society, ESB, Eircom and An Post.

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